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Katrina Kaif is fed up of rumours regarding her and Anushka Sharma

Actor Katrina Kaif is distraught at having become fodder for gossip mills time and again. “Can’t I expect a little respect?” asks the 27-year-old actor, as she clears the air about rumours that she recently got into  a catfight with actor Anushka Sharma.

According to reports, Katrina Kaif and Anushka had a fallout because her makeup artist had committed to work with Anushka for a 15-day shoot in London, but Katrina needed him for a few scenes in the movie Mere...

Katrina Kaif says she is no adventure freak

Katrina Kaif, the gorgeous actor hurt her foot recently while shooting for a movie. Nursing her injured foot and sittting on a chair with her foot propped up she enjoys the rain outside and says how much fun watching the rains are as opposed to being caught in  the rains trying to reach the sets on time.

Katrina’s foot injury hasn’t slowed down her plans but as she has some time before she starts shooting another movie. She gorges on the time she has now and says, ”...

‘Krissh 3′ will not have Katrina Kaif

A very sexy mutant is what our vivacious Katrina Kaif would have been in ‘Krissh 3‘ had she accepted the offer.The Roshans thought so too when they chose her. But the lovely lady has turned down the offer to accommodate Yash Chopra’s untitled film where she pairs up opposite Shahrukh Khan.

‘Krissh 3′ was one movie Katrina very much wanted to be in. She was going to don the negative role for the first time in her career and Katrina absolutely loved it. In...

Katrina Kaif and Shahrukh Khan to romance in Yash Raj’s next

Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan and Barbie doll Katrina Kaif are to romance each other in a movie directed by none other than Yash Chopra if rumours are to be believed. The film is yet to be named but is already making news and the audience are super excited to see King Khan Shahrukh paired opposite the beautiful Katrina.

In Bollywood, you always expect the unexpected. Now its the pairing of Shahrukh Khan and Katrina Kaif that is making the headlines. It has been reported that...

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