Katrina Kaif will not host a reality show

The gorgeous Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif says she will not host a reality show which a lot of A-list actors are already doing on the silverscreen. The reason happens to be her poor Hindi.

Katrina has starred in innumerable Hindi films already. But inspite of this Katrina says she will not host a reality show as it might be a problem for her with her poor Hindi. Adding to this she is also busy with 2-3 projects a year which takes away most of her time. Katrina Kaif goes on to add that if she gets a chance though she will definitely do a reality show. Katrina Kaif interacted with her fans recently and answered questions regarding her citizenship amongst other things. When questioned about her co-star Salman Khan, Katrina said that he was a good friend of hers.

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