Katrina Kaif talks about her toughest scene so far

Katrina Kaif talks about her toughest scene so far

The gorgeous Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif who shot to fame after she give a applauding performance in the film ‘Rajneeti‘ says that her toughest scene till date was the climax of ‘Rajneeti’ movie where she had to deliver a speech.

Says Katrina Kaif , that no other scene would come close to the one she did in  Prakash Jha’s movie ‘Rajneeti’  which still gives her goose bumps. She cites three reasons for the scene being a tough one. One , she had to give a speech for an audience of 5000 whereas her hands tremble even for  mere 100. Two, she had to portray her emotions to the fullest in that particular scene. And three being the last scene ,the climax of the movie she had to get it right and create a maximum impact and impression with the scene. She says that she to take the utmost care and not go overboard.

Katrina Kaif goes on to say that the great challenge for any actor is to go through a series of emotions in one scene and in all honesty reveals that saree remains her favorite outfit, though the viewers generally get see her in glamorous attire on screen. Katrina Kaif says that saree as an outfit is the most comfortable.

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