Katrina Kaif talks about Bollywood dances appealing audiences globally

Katrina Kaif is the opinion that dances in Bollywood have a global appeal and are getting grander as a lot of money and ideas are invested in making them. She says the Bollywood songs have a global appeal and are getting bigger and better with time and even the people enjoy them much more.

Katrina Kaif talks about Madhuri Dixit and Rekha and how they carved a niche for themselves as great dancers apart from being great actresses when one asks her to rate herself as a dancer. She says, “I think that they are great dancers and they have consistently performed over the years. I think it’s tough to follow the kind of career path that they have created for themselves.” She enjoys dancing but says they are far better.

Katrina recently judged a dance competition on Facebook with Etihad Airways being the sponsor. She says people all over the world are crazy about Bollywood songs and not just the Indians. She has been happy to see so many talented people who share their passion for Bollywood dances. Katrina admires the fact  that the appeal of a good Bollywood dance number now permeates across cultures and nationality.

When asked about her item number for Aamir Khan‘s ‘Delhi Belly’ she clarifies that she wont be doing any. Much happy as she would be doing  anything for Aamir, Katrina says a no to item songs.

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