Katrina Kaif says she is no adventure freak

Katrina Kaif, the gorgeous actor hurt her foot recently while shooting for a movie. Nursing her injured foot and sittting on a chair with her foot propped up she enjoys the rain outside and says how much fun watching the rains are as opposed to being caught in  the rains trying to reach the sets on time.

Katrina’s foot injury hasn’t slowed down her plans but as she has some time before she starts shooting another movie. She gorges on the time she has now and says, ” Yes, luckily I got to put my feet up and enjoy for some time at least! ”

While relaxing on her chair she puts an end to rumours regarding her relationship being affected with Salman Khan as she stars in a Yash Raj Production with Shahrukh Khan. She goes on to say that honestly she has no qualms with her starring in a movie with anyone. Katrina Kaif also adds that she prefers leaving her personal equations out of her professional ones. Also she doesn’t understand why her intimate scenes with Hrithik Roshan are being made a big deal. Like any other scene she feels this scene was a part of the movie.

Moving on Katrina talks about the movie ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara‘ where she plays a scuba diving instructor showing her adventurous streak. Katrina in real though is not a adventure sports freak. She  says she did learn scuba diving for the film but not too keen on learning it seriously. Katrina also confirms about her not turning producer anytime soon, even for sister Isabelle Kaif.

On an ending note Katrina Kaif  says, “I don’t believe in saying ‘never’ but nothing’s happening on that front for now.”

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