Katrina Kaif says even item numbers should get National Awards

Katrina Kaif, the pretty actress is of the opinion that even item numbers should get National Awards. Ever since the National Awards were introduced its been a constant topic of debate in the industry as to who deserved to win and who did not.

Recently ‘Dabangg’ was given the national award for providing wholesome entertainment. But even the chairperson of the jury, J P Dutta and the  jury members were unprepared for the question Katrina Kaif put forth. They wouldn’t have faced such a question in a million years.

Katrina Kaif raised the question of why item numbers weren’t given National Awards. When Katrina was recently questioned as to what she thought about ‘Dabangg’ winning the National Award she seemed unaware of the fact. But she did congratulate the ‘Dabangg’ team and said that ‘Rajneeti‘ was also the prime contender for the award. Whats more our lovely Katrina Kaif even went on to say that there should start a new category for item numbers and ‘Sheila Ki Jawani’ would have definitely won the award then.

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