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I live on my own terms, and I work on my own terms. You can’t live according to the expectation of others. It’s not a healthy way of working or living. I have always done the best I could do. I was never disappointed playing the glamor quotient in my earlier films… Even a serious film like New York has had its fair share of song-and-dance moments. I am too young to not enjoy these films and the fun side of film-making. I really wanted to do these films, as my heart has never been much into serious fare. As an actress, I am more comfortable in romantic comedy, and I don’t see any harm in that. — Katrina Kaif

It’s been great. I’ve been very lucky to work with more experienced actors early on in my career because I get a chance to learn from them. There is so much you can learn from them. You can just follow them and you’ll be pretty safe. — Katrina Kaif

Though I am not an avid reader but I like romantic books. Love is a good thing. At times in love, there are disappointments…one must not keep expectations. I like to be positive in love. I believe in happy endings. — Katrina Kaif

Actors, who invest a lot of time and energy, will never put down each other. Every one of us has their own space in the industry. These stories are either publicity mechanisms or someone just writes them to create a controversy. — Katrina Kaif

Actually even at the beginning of my career, I never felt rejected. I was still working hard and believed in myself. I wasn’t in a hurry and was picking and choosing projects carefully even then when I was just a newcomer. My attitude towards films hasn’t changed even after these years. — Katrina Kaif

Actually I am the one to blame. I was the one who had said that maybe I would be married in two years time. But things are different now and there is still time before I get married. As the saying goes, ‘Man proposes, God disposes’, every time we make a plan God changes it. — Katrina Kaif

Although I haven’t met Madhuri Dixit in person, I find her very beautiful on screen. I also find Manisha Koirala beautiful. — Katrina Kaif

But if you stagnate, the growth is over. I have done many comedy films. Success of films like Partner, Singh is Kinng gets you to a very wide audience reach. But for greater gains, you need to take greater gambles. If it works, you get respect and recognition. — Katrina Kaif

Everyone goes through their own journey. Sometimes things can get hurtful. But sometimes too much intrusion of privacy can get to you, but I know that this is something that you cannot avoid. You know, being a woman, there have to be lines drawn somewhere. But I am the kind who accepts that this is my journey and I have to go through some amount of hurt. — Katrina Kaif

Except for Preity Zinta, I haven’t met a single secure actress in Bollywood. — Katrina Kaif

Frankly speaking, I hate comparisons. Two individuals are doing two different films, playing two different characters: how can you compare them? It is not fair to get into ratings. It really doesn’t matter what I think about other actresses; what matters is what the directors think of them when they are casting them in a project, because I think it’s the director who’s behind a successful piece of cinema. — Katrina Kaif

He’s (Ranbir) a good friend and we work well as co-stars. — Katrina Kaif

Health-wise there is nothing to worry about. Though I had gone through a surgery sometime ago, it was nothing serious. — Katrina Kaif

I am excited about the part, but I am not very excited about speaking Hindi because I spoke Hindi in my last 10 films. It’s a great role and a great film and I certainly hope people enjoy it. — Katrina Kaif

I am in a panic situation. But, If I succumb to such pressures, I know the audience will not respect me. — Katrina Kaif

I am Moody… and a Cancerian to the boot. Even a small thing can change the entire mood, but I’m working on that. Besides, I’m also loyal and possessive. — Katrina Kaif

I am not confrontational by nature. This character I’ve to play is aggressive to the point of being alien to me. I would rather walk away from ugly situations than let my private space be crowded with chaos and negativity. And that’s a problem. — Katrina Kaif

I am not working to earn a living, but I am living movies. I am finding me enjoying the process. — Katrina Kaif

I don’t enjoy sitting with make-up all the time and that is why I have decided to go for the natural look. Not only me, I think given a choice, everybody would prefer such a look on screen. — Katrina Kaif

I don’t talk about my personal life. He had put in a separate bid. I was there to support my friend Reshma Shetty, who is with a company that had put in a bid.
— Katrina Kaif denying bidding for an IPL team
— Katrina Kaif

I don’t think every actress in Bollywood has been associated with Lux. A select few actresses, who they felt suited the brand right (have been associated with it) and they all have been actresses of great stature with wonderful careers and some wonderful work. I am very honoured to join the group of people who have been with Lux over the years. — Katrina Kaif

I find a face beautiful, good looking, attractive, and all the terms you want to use, once I know them. — Katrina Kaif

I go by my instincts and the potential of the script. I am looking forward to the release of ‘Rajneeti’ this year where I get to share screen space with some of the finest talents of the film industry. — Katrina Kaif

I had a goal and I was very passionate about it, but I was not in a rush to grab anything to get there. I’ve also been blessed; the right opportunities unfolded for me at the right time. But still it is a step by step journey. It is a process. — Katrina Kaif

I have learnt not to make plans in life, because a lot of time you make a plan that is not going to work for you. Right now I am working on my career and trying to be genuine to my work. If you respect what you have got, God will give you what you need. — Katrina Kaif

I have no clue from where these rumours originate. It all seems to be coming out of thin air. There was never any indication by me in this regard. — Katrina Kaif

I have no complaints. I think I’m especially lucky. As you said, I’ve come from outside and I’m not even anywhere closely connected. But I have absolutely no problem here. People have been more than welcoming, even before I was ready. — Katrina Kaif

I have to be a really selfish, scheming woman who stops at nothing to achieve her ambitions… and yet stay connected to the audience. And, boy, does this character enjoy creating scenes! I don’t want to copy the actress in the original film. This would be my take on a character I like because she’s just the opposite of who and what I am. I don’t like such characters in real life, honestly.
- Katrina Kaif studying Meryl Streep
— Katrina Kaif

I was lucky that last year, two of my films – New York and Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani – were hits. — Katrina Kaif

I went through a learning phase and I consider myself lucky to have learnt discipline from my co-stars Akshay Kumar, Govinda, Salman. They have helped me to strengthen my fundamentals. — Katrina Kaif

I would love to work with Aamir and Shah Rukh. Why only me? Any actress would love to work with them. — Katrina Kaif

I would rather be thought of as pretty rather than sexy. It feels good to be voted by fans and that too in such huge numbers, but I don’t think if you wear a bikini or show skin, you look sexy. — Katrina Kaif

I’ve been burning the midnight oil to make myself free for my family and I’m exhausted and stressed. I can’t wait to go home. Though I’ve met parts of my family on every visit, all of us eight siblings have not been together in nine years… can you believe it! I really want to do this. — Katrina Kaif

If I had to choose, apart from myself, I would choose Priyanka or Vidya. Kaminey is one of my favourite films. And I loved Vidya in Paa. — Katrina Kaif

If it’s a good film and I enjoy it and I think the audience will enjoy it then I will do it. — Katrina Kaif

It was a mistake and sometimes mistakes can happen. But this particular issue was blown out of proportion. It was like this Chinese whisper, which went on and on. — Katrina Kaif

It’s totally the unrestricted me. It is the first time I am playing my age, and when I watched the video, I felt this is the real me. Kabir Khan (director) has a whole new approach to film-making and I am so glad I could be part of this. — Katrina Kaif

It’s not my style to either wear minimum clothes, to strip or to even be comfortable with a sex-symbol label. I just want to do good work instead of sporting such meaningless tags. Sex sells, but to a small extent, not always. And this is what filmmakers have to accept. The exposure has to be relevant to the film and its characters and not forced for the sake of titillation. On the contrary, some of the greatest Indian films have been devoid of all these sexual trappings. I know my comfort zone in today’s Indian culture and society. — Katrina Kaif

I’ve been very blessed, I think, or what do you call it… mmm… lucky to get at this stage what I have. It’s not like I’ve come from acting school and done work at an academy or something. I feel I’ve been given a very huge chance and opportunity. — Katrina Kaif

Just because you meet and greet someone doesn’t mean there has to be speculation on what’s going on. There’s nothing to be made out of my meeting with Shahrukh. He’s just an acquaintance. — Katrina Kaif

My other films so far were all like a learning process. I never went through an acting school. I am still in the process of finding a footing. This film is crucial because here I have a pivotal character to play. — Katrina Kaif

On avoiding talking about Salman Khan:
We respect each other’s privacy. I’m answerable to the media for my professional life, not my personal life.
— Katrina Kaif

On being voted the most luscious lips in the film industry:
It feels funny to hear such things.
— Katrina Kaif

Only if I’m in love with a man, I find him hot. — Katrina Kaif

Ranbir and I cannot get more unconventional than what we have done in ‘Raajneeti’. We’ve gone into a completely new space. If and when we do another film, it will have to be completely mainstream. — Katrina Kaif

Really, I don’t see things like that. I take each movie at it’s own pace and don’t quite start looking at the work I have done in the past and go gaga about it. It’s like a new journey every time and hence has never got that feeling that ‘Oh, since I now have so many successful films under my name, let me take it easy’. Yes, the way success helps you is reinstate the faith and belief that you have in yourself and push yourself to work harder. This is something that I am following. — Katrina Kaif

The film has all Indian emotions, but its narrative is very English movie style. New York may not be a typical masala entertainer, but has all the right ingredients to connect with the audiences. — Katrina Kaif

There is too much negativity around. My health suffered due to this. Constant negativity does affect a person. — Katrina Kaif

There was a time when I felt that I needed to take time to understand more about the industry, the workings of it. I was doing my modeling, which I really wanted to do at the time. So that’s why even my entry into films was later than people expected. — Katrina Kaif

They are extremely talented and experienced. I haven’t had the opportunity to work with them because I haven’t been offered any films with them as yet. — Katrina Kaif

This is one of the most important years in my career as I’m experimenting with different kinds of roles. I can’t be one-dimensional and just look good on-screen. I have to get myself out of my comfort zone and see how audiences receive me only for my performances, not looks. That’s quite a test. — Katrina Kaif

This is true that I have decided to go for no make-up. Anybody who has to don heavy make-up and is constantly exposed to the arc lights would be able to give you an answer as to why I have done that. It affects your skin badly. I also think that beyond a point it’s unnatural to don heavy make-up all the time. — Katrina Kaif

Today, I am here, tomorrow someone else will be here. Fame and glamour are for a few days, so no one should be over-proud of it. — Katrina Kaif

Well, sounds like an interesting story. However, any talk centred on the production of this film or any other movie for that matter is plain speculation. — Katrina Kaif

When I first asked director Kabir Khan about my character, he told me that Maya is like every girl… she is you without make up and costumes. I realised that he was telling me to be myself in the film. — Katrina Kaif

When I saw the film last week, I saw me. I can’t be myself in every movie of mine. But when that happens, the film has to be special. I was taken aback at Kabir’s grasp of the subject and story telling style. — Katrina Kaif

Yes, it has been a long journey. It has been quite eventful too. The more you see, the more you learn, become confident and gain even more experience. The beauty of the profession that I am in is that it is a never ending process. You can also strive for better films and aim for playing better characters. You can never get stagnated in this industry. — Katrina Kaif

Yes, it’s a non-glamorous role, but I guess this will be my second serious role. I am quite excited about the film. — Katrina Kaif

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