Katrina Kaif was born in Hong Kong to a Kashmiri father Mohammed Kaif and an English mother, Susanna Turquotte, a British citizen. Her parents divorced when she was very young. Katrina once stated,  ”My dad, unfortunately, and not out of choice, has had no influence on our upbringing, on our religious or social or moral bearings.”

When she came to India, she changed her surname to that of her father’s, Kaif, because it was of Indian origin. Her original name is Katrina Turquotte. She also claims that she changed her surname to Kaif after cricketer Mohammad Kaif as he was on top at that time!

Katrina Kaif with her dad Mohammad Kaif, mom Suzzane Turquotte and siblings

Her father, Mohammad Kaif, lives in America and is quite a well – to – do businessman. He is very decent and an affluent person. But he has no interest in reaching out to his family.

Mohammed Kaif parted ways with wife Suzzane when Katrina was very young. Seems like Katrina has no plans to get in touch with her dad now that she has become a big star! She said that her parents went their own ways due to personal issues. She knows that he won’t come back just because she is famous. Her dad is a closed topic for her family, says Katrina!

But the lovely lady misses her dad badly. Katrina went to an undisclosed location in Italy with her family for her birthday. Looked like she missed her dad there too! Katrina, who was raised by her mom Suzzane, a Harvard graduate and a lawyer, confessed that she misses her dad whenever she sees fathers of her friends. She said that her mom did a fine job in raising seven children. She added that she should be grateful for all the other things she has!

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