Katrina Kaif animated for a 3D film, ‘Crackers’

Katrina Kaif animated for a 3D film 'Crackers'

First a Barbie Doll was created on the likes of her. Now Katrina Kaif has an animation character designed just like her for an upcoming animation film ‘Crackers‘ which claims to be India’s first 3D stereoscopic animation feature film.

Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif, is the main inspiration for a lead female character in the 3D movie ‘Crackers.’ Director of the movie Anil Goyal in fact admitted that the animated character called Kate in his movie ‘Crackers’ was derived from Katrina. It isĀ  his way of attracting the audience and creating a audience-connection with the character. The 3D animation movie deals with terror attack on campus and how Kate and her friends channelize their energy and deal with the attack.

Owing to Katrina’s huge popularity amongst children as well as adults, the character Kate in the movie was inspired by Katrina. And she looks equally pretty in the movie. Way to go Kat!

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