‘I can be a Movie Star’ Barbie Doll unveiled by Katrina Kaif

'I can be a Movie Star' Barbie Doll unveiled by Katrina Kaif

We all know that Katrina Kaif is the personified version of a doll and that too none other than the world famous ‘Barbie.’ Now after launching her first barbie doll, Katrina Kaif has unveiled  ‘I can be a movie star‘  Barbie Doll inspired by Katrina herself.

A super ecstatic Katrina Kaif said That she was really thrilled and excited at having a ‘I can be a Movie Star’ Barbie doll inspired by her. She further added that it was it was unbelieveable that a doll she grew up playing with would one day take after her and look like her. Says she, that Barbie is a world famous Doll, a fashionista, not just another doll and hugely popular worldwide. So Katrina Kaif says that a doll which has a flourishing career takes after her and considers it very honorable to be associated with Barbie.

Katrina had walked the ramp as a real-life barbie two years ago during the Lakme Fashion Week. This inspired the doll makers to create a one of its kind doll in the likeness of Katrina Kaif. So the result is the ‘I can be a Movie Star’ Barbie Doll just like Katrina!

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